The “Things You Do” Lesson

Learn to cultivate everyday behaviours to improve your emotional wellbeing.

The Online Therapy Unit is accepting applications for the new “Things You Do” Lesson from Canadians 18 years or older.

Please note: The “Things You Do” lesson starts on the Monday following the acceptance of an application.


The “Things You Do” lesson is focused on cultivating everyday behaviours and actions which most people recognize as important for mental health. It is available to Canadians 18 years or older who are looking to manage their emotional wellbeing and are comfortable using the Internet.

  • Free brief online lesson
  • Online access to an activity guide and a worksheet
  • Supportive messages for 4 weeks
  • Private and confidential


How effective is the “Things You Do” Lesson?

Initial findings from the eCentre Clinic in Australia on the “Things You Do” lesson show meaningful benefits from participation. Clients who completed the lesson reported significant improvements in depression and anxiety from before to 4 weeks after the lesson, with changes maintained at 12 weeks after first enrolling in the lesson.

How long does it take to complete?

The “Things You Do” lesson consists of one lesson and a worksheet. You will receive automated messages for 4 weeks afterwards and are encouraged to practice behaviours daily for those 4 weeks. The materials are self-directed and can be accessed online at any time during the 4-week period. Clients are encouraged to review the lesson materials often.

Will my progress be monitored?

No, the “Things You Do” lesson is self guided. All individuals in this lesson will complete brief questionnaires before they begin, 4 weeks after starting the lesson, and then 3 months after the end of the 4-week period. These questionnaires will help us evaluate the lesson but they will not be reviewed by a therapist or guide. These questionnaires do not take very long but provide us with important information about the “Things You Do” lesson.

Who can take part in the lesson?

This lesson is designed for Canadian residents who are at least 18 years of age.

Due to the lesson being developed in English and in a written format, it is not be recommended for individuals who have difficulties using the Internet or difficulties reading or understanding the English language.

The Online Therapy Unit website only allows for enrollment in one program at a time. If you are currently enrolled in another Online Therapy Unit course. Please submit your application for “Things You Do” once you have completed your current course.

If any of the above indicate that the lesson may not be suited to your needs, please refer to the resource page and speak with your family doctor about other service options.

If you have any questions about the lesson, please feel free to contact us.


  • Online application at the ‘Apply Now’ button below
  • If your application is accepted, you will be sent a username, password, and program start date.

    Please note: The “Things You Do” lesson starts on the Monday following the acceptance of your application.