Privacy Policy

The Online Therapy Unit is a mental health and research clinic at the University of Regina, in Saskatchewan.Your privacy is our priority. The following policies outline what we do, and what you can do to protect your personal information. By accessing the Online Therapy Unit services, you agree to this Privacy Statement and the Online Therapy Unit’s Terms of Use.

Your information

When you participate in an Online Therapy Unit course, you will fill out forms and questionnaires asking for your name, date of birth, address, health history, and any other details relevant to your treatment. This information, which we collect from you for the purpose of providing you service, is also protected for safekeeping.

How we collect your information

The Online Therapy Unit services occur via the Internet, and sometimes the telephone. There are several points that information is gathered from you:

  • When you first apply, you fill out a basic eligibility form which asks for your consent to participate in our research and confirms your eligibility for the Online Therapy Unit services.
  • Then, in the Full Online Screening, your basic personal information and health information pertaining to anxiety and depression are submitted.
  • During the Telephone Screening we collect further health details as well as your health card number, and physician’s name.
  • Ongoing throughout the Online Therapy Unit treatment, you will fill out health questionnaires, and submit them over our secure server.

Why we collect your information and how we use it

When you provide your personal information to the staff and therapists of the Online Therapy Unit, we use your personal information to provide treatment services and monitor your treatment progress. In certain instances, we may be required to disclose your personal information. 

  • If you, a child, or someone else is at risk of harm. Or, 
  • If a subpoena or other legal order obligates the Online Therapy Unit to provide information.

The Online Therapy Unit is a research facility. As such, when your information is used for research and scholarly purposes, all reasonable efforts are made to de-identify the information used for these purposes. This means that your information will be analyzed and presented in a way that you are not identifiable.

How we protect your information

Your personal information is collected and stored on our secure server within the University of Regina’s firewall-protected environment. We also collect questionnaire data on REDCap software, utilizing Saskatchewan Health Authority servers. All of the Online Therapy Unit therapists are bound by formal codes of conduct (i.e. College of Psychologists, Association of Social Workers). All of our staff are educated and supervised to handle your personal information with respect and care, as well as strict confidentiality in accordance with this Privacy Statement and privacy laws.

What you can do to protect your information

There are many ways that you can keep your personal information private. 

  • You could use your home computer instead of a computer in a shared space, such as a library or office. 
  • You can ensure the computer you are sending emails from is secure. It is unwise to not share your login information with anyone, and do not use a password that is easily guessed by others.
  • Log out of the Online Therapy Unit website when you are done working with it, or are leaving your computer.
  • Enable the firewall, anti-virus, and/or malware-detection software to protect your computer and information from network attacks, viruses, and threats.

What is the Online Therapy Unit and how can you contact us?

The Online Therapy Unit is a free online mental health unit. We provide education and conduct research to deliver online-cognitive behavioural therapy. 

If you have questions about our privacy policy, or the courses we offer, please contact us between 8:30am and 4:30pm, Monday through Friday, at 306.337.3331 or