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Online Self-Help Materials for Anxiety and Depression

e-couch Provides free evidence-based information about emotional problems and teaches users strategies for preventing them
Living Life to the Full Offers a free life skills course aimed to provide training in practical approaches you can use to tackle and respond to daily demands and issues
Here to Help A BC-based website that includes tool kits, fact sheets, and discussion forums for depression and anxiety
The STEPS website A site that tells you all about common stress problems and gives you some ideas on how best to tackle them using CBT strategies
Get Self Help A mini 7-step self-help course based on CBT techniques that can be applied to many mental health problems

Online Self-Help Materials for Depression

MoodGym Teaches cognitive behavioural skills in order to prevent and decrease depressive symptoms, free of charge
The Depression Center Offers tools to overcome depression as well as an online support group
Coping with Depression Includes 9 free self-help modules to help cope with depression and manage your mood
MoodSwings An online self-help tool for people with bipolar disorder

Online Self-Help Materials for Anxiety and Panic

AnxietyBC Provides self-help information and programs related to the management of anxiety
Mastering Your Worry Offers 11 free self-help modules about chronic worrying and generalized anxiety disorder, and suggested strategies for how you can manage your worrying and anxiety
Coping with Panic Attacks Provides 12 free self-help modules with information about panic attacks, and suggested strategies for how you can manage your panic and anxiety
Panic Center Offers personalized, interactive tools to help challenge and overcome panic

Online Information on Depression, Anxiety, and Panic Non-profit self-help site that provides expert articles, tips, and information on a range of mental and emotional health topics
Mood Disorders Society of Canada Includes information, resources, and discussion forums on mood disorders for Canadians
Depression Information Guide - CAMH Information guide written for people living with depression, their families, and anyone interested in gaining a basic understanding of depression, its treatment, and management
Anxiety Disorders Information Guide - CAMH Information guide for people with anxiety disorders, their families, partners, friends, and anyone else who might be interested
Anxiety Disorders Association of Canada Canadian non-profit organization with information on the prevention, treatment and management of anxiety disorders
AnxietyBC – Generalized Anxiety Disorder Links to information and self-help strategies for generalized anxiety disorder
AnxietyBC – Panic Disorder Links to information and self-help strategies for panic disorder and agoraphobia

National Websites

Canadian Mental Health Association Government of Canada website with useful resources on a variety of mental health topics
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health Canadian information and resources page for the treatment and management of various mental health conditions
CAMIMH - Faces of mental illness Canadian Alliance of Mental Illness and Mental Health (CAMIMH) nominates five Canadians who are prepared to share their personal struggle with mental illness. Hear their stories.

Mental Health Services in Southern Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan HealthLine 1-877-800-0002 is a 24-hour confidential health information and advice from a registered nurse; for the hearing impaired, call 1-888-425-4444 (TTY)
The Sask Healthline also has a Mental Health & Addictions Program. This is staffed by Mental Health Clinicians 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When people call in they have the option of pressing "3" to speak with a clinician.
Saskatchewan Health Online Information resource on many general health topics provided as a public service for residents of Saskatchewan
Saskatchewan Mental Health Services: Government of Saskatchewan website with useful resources on a variety of mental health topics

Mental Health Clinics and Alcohol and Drug Treatment Services (by health region):

Cypress Health Region
The Mental Health and Addictions staff provides a safe, supportive and confidential environment. For more information, please call 306-778-5280
Communities Served: Cabri, Climax, Eastend, Gull Lake, Herbert, Hodgeville, Leader, Mankota, Maple Creek, Ponteix, Shaunavon, Swift Current, & Vanguard
Alcohol and Drug Treatment Services
Addiction Services - Adult Program
350 Cheadle Street West
Phone: 306-778-5280

Five Hills Health Region
Mental Health & Addictions Services
455 Fairford Street East, Moose Jaw
Main Phone: 306-691-6464
Communities Served: Assiniboia, Central Butte, Craik, Gravelbourg, Lafleche, Moose Jaw, Mossbank, Rockglen, & Willow Bunch
Alcohol and Drug Treatment Services
Mental Health and Addiction Services Addiction Services
4th Floor – 455 Fairford Street East Assiniboia Union Hospital
Phone: 306-691-7651 Phone: 306-642-9425

Sunrise Health Region

*Part-time mental health clinics are available in some of the following facilities*

  • Canora: Canora Hospital 306-563-5621
  • Esterhazy: St. Anthony’s Hospital 306-745-3973 (ER; not necessarily mental health)
  • Foam Lake: Foam Lake Health Centre 306-272-3325
  • Invermay: Invermay Health Centre 306-593-2133
  • Kamsack: Kamsack Hospital 306-542-2635 or Kamsack Public Health Office 306-542-4295 ext: 202 (Public Health Nurse)
  • Melville: St. Peter’s Hospital 306-728-5407
  • Norquay: Norquay Health Centre 306-594-2133
  • Preeceville: Preeceville Hospital 306-547-2102
  • Yorkton: Yorkton Mental Health Centre, 270 Bradbrooke Drive, 306-786-0558
Alcohol and Drug Treatment Services
Addiction Services Saul Cohen Centre
345 Broadway Street West 200 Heritage Drive
Phone: 306-786-0520 Phone: 728–7320
Toll-free: 1-888-989-8444

Sun Country Health Region

Main Intake Office can be reached at 306-842-8665 or toll free at 1-800-216-7689
  • Arcola: Arcola Mental Health, Arcola Health Centre 306-455-2159
  • Estevan: Estevan Mental Health Services; St. Joseph’s Hospital 306-637-3610
  • Kipling: Kipling Mental Health, Kipling Memorial Health Centre 306-736-2638
  • Weyburn: Weyburn Mental Health; Community Health Services 306-842-8665 or Toll Free: 1-800-216-7689
Alcohol and Drug Treatment Services
Addiction Services Addiction Services
Box 420 St. Joseph's Hospital
Phone: 306-736-2363 Phone: 637-2422 or 637-2420
SCHR Addiction Services
Community Supports Program
Phone: 306-637-2757

Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region

  • Grenfell, 721 Stella Street: 306-697-4022 OR 306-697-4023
  • Fort Qu’Appelle, 178 Boundary Avenue: Toll Free 1-866-367-8743
  • Moosomin: 306-435-6277
  • Regina:
    • Regina Mental Health Services, 2110 Hamilton Street: 306-766-7800
    • Catholic Family Services, 974 Albert Street: 306-525-0521
    • Regina Crisis Suicide Line: 306-525-5333
    • Mobile Crisis: 306-757-0127
Alcohol and Drug Treatment Services
Addiction Services - Main Office Additions Treatment and Detox Centre
2110 Hamilton Street 1640 Victoria Street
Phone: 306-766-7910 Phone: 306-766-6600
Problem Gambling Services Methadone Clinic
2110 Hamilton Street 1048 Albert Street
Phone: 306-766-6350 Phone: 306-766-6350
Rural Addiction Services Rural Addiction Services
721 Stella Street - Box 970 178 Boundary Avenue - Box 1819
Phone: 306-697-4032 Phone: 306-332-3308
Toll-free 1-866-367-8743
Inpatient Service
Pine Lodge Treatment Centre
Phone: 306-695-2251

Saskatoon Health Region

  • Humboldt Community Services, 231 Main Street: 306-682-5333
  • Lanigan, Nokomis, Strasbourg, Watrous and Wynyard areas: 306-365-2099
  • Rosthern Community Services, 2014 6th Street: 306-232-6001
  • Wadena Integrated Hospital, 433 5th Street NE: 306-338-9950
  • Wakaw Hospital, 301 1st St. N
  • Saskatoon:
    • Adult Services, Suite 145, 122 3rd Ave. N: 306-655-4100
    • Child and Youth Services, 715 Queen Street: 306-655-7950
    • Saskatoon Crisis Intervention Services: 306-933-6200
Alcohol and Drug Treatment Services
Adult Residential Treatment (Calder Centre) Brief and Social Detox
2003 Arlington Ave 201 Avenue O South
Saskatoon Saskatoon
Phone: 306-655-4500 Phone: 306-655-4195
Community Addiction Services Humboldt Addiction Services
Suite 156 Sturdy Stone Building 640B 10th Street
Saskatoon Humboldt
Phone: 306-655-4100 Phone: 306-682-3249
Methadone Assisted Recovery Services McKerracher Centre
345 4th Ave. South 2302 Arlington Ave
Saskatoon Saskatoon
Phone: 306-655-0480 Phone: 306-655-4590
Rehabilitation Services
345 4th Avenue South
Phone: 306-655-0440